The ‘IKETIS’ project is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship project at the University of Brighton. The project will seek to raise public and policy awareness in the UK of the need for concerted action to understand and address climate change induced migration through a focus upon the mediation of climate refugees and migration within online UK news media and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) campaigns – both key elements in the mediation  of climate change induced migration between lay public and the political sphere.

  • The first aim of the project is to understand and compare the representational practices that shape media and NGOs discourses and frames about climate refugees and migration.
  • The second aim will use these findings to build capacity of journalists, NGOs and policy-makers, critical intermediaries in the mediation of climate change refugees and distant suffering, to help raise public and policy awareness in the UK of climate induced migration.

Together, both aims contribute to the transformation of how climate change induced migration is perceived and provide new patterns of critical thinking and civic engagement.

The ‘IKETIS’ project commences in April 2017 and will end in April 2019.




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